World Economic Forum 2020 “Prediction Chart”?

Or “Planning Chart”???

I think it’s the latter.

Be suspicious of everything that the WEF says. They are a group of filthy rich globalists who work on a world-wide scale to remold the fabric and constraints of our lives according to their desires and image. They meet each year in secret in Davos, and there they decide what kind of crisis to implement next to further their agendas of “The Great Reset”, “One World Government”, “Sustainable Development”, “Depopulation”, “Socialism/Communism”, “Equity” (which means the masses are ruled according to the lowest common denominator and incomes are at poverty level so that the government can swoop in and, at the begging of the mindless masses, “save” us with handouts, all with strings attached), “Encouragement of amoral behavior” (The sexualization of the young, including preschoolers, which is already happening in some schools, where they teach 4 year olds how to masturbate and encourage them to explore their sexuality with, well, anyone or anything), and “Elimination of the 1st and 2nd Amendments” (The criminalization of all speech not in keeping with the government approved narrative and confiscation of all privately-owned guns and accessories).

  1. DONE – Place obedient drones in power by any means possible
  2. ALMOST FINISHED – Covid-19 Plan-Demic, followed by threats of the loss of even more of our freedoms if we do not obey…and most persons will out of cowardice and false hope.
  3. NEXT-UP – Cyber attacks affecting internet availability, banking, and medical care, followed by user-restricting regulations to eliminate privacy and reduce access to our financial assets – and possible confiscation of assets of the “disobedient” – and the removal of all alternate news/media platforms from use.