I wish to thank my new followers. I was taken aback when I got my first international visitor. I expected only those in the United States.

The purpose of my website is to bring to the forefront information that is impossible to gain from the mainstream media of CNN, MSNBC, and local network channels, etc. For all intents and purposes, those entities are propaganda arms since they do not tell their viewers all the news, nor everything about a news-worthy topic, but only that which they wish their viewers to know; therefore, the ignorance around the political and social issues we now face as a nation is mind-boggling. I am only one person, and I have not been too successful in enlightening others, not even those closest to me, but that doesn’t mean that I will stop trying. What they refuse to give me credit for is the thousands of hours I have spent since May 2020 reading nearly everything. I did not begin my “research” with any particular opinion about the matters at hand, but I have come to see how corrupt those in authority can be when it is to their benefit either monetarily or power-wise. The lies that have been and are still being told devastate me; but, even more so, is the fact that the vast majority of persons believe what they hear without seeking verification. Many assume that all or even most government and political figures, clergy and corporations, etc. care about them individually and have their best interest at heart. I can assure you, they do not. It would take thousands of words just to list the number of lies that have been told just by those Americans in positions in which to make their views known, let alone those internationally. I’m talking about just a list, not including expounding on each item.

I feel great sorrow at the decline of the U.S.A., since, when it comes to freedom, if America “falls” where else is there to go? Those who have escaped Communist countries are even more fearful than I am because they have experienced the horror of such regimes. That is frightening because I am pretty scared. I can stand up and proclaim the truth in my own little corner of the world, but not much further because, unlike those who have the world’s microphone at their fingertips, I am nobody.

My main suggestion to all the people of the world is to do your own research. Do not believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a politician, government agency, big tech, social media, corporations, billionaires or anyone who you know has lied to you before, like a certain member of a U.S. health agency. And then, when you have determined the truth, even if it contradicts your prior knowledge, even if it contradicts what you would rather it was, proclaim it in your own corner of the world followed by “Pass it on” to those who are willing to face the truth no matter how discouraging, abhorrent or contrary to their sincerely held beliefs.

Blessings to all. I wish and pray that the good and noble among you have the courage to be publicly good and noble. If you cannot, believe me, I understand; but, when it no longer matters if you stand up tall and proclaim the truth, do me a favor, please be quiet, because speaking then is like ignoring the pleas of a loved one for help, but making sure to send flowers to their funeral. The time is NOW, not when the action is useless. Thank you.