Nancy Pelosi’s Potemkin Village

7/31/2021 (The Wanderer News) – During the eighteenth century, so the story goes, Grigory Potyomkin, a Russian nobleman, was courting Catherine the Great. When he invited the Tsarina to visit the Crimea, he wanted to impress her. However, in those days the Crimea just wasn’t very impressive.

So Potyomkin created a Crimea of his own. Along the route taken by Catherine’s entourage, beautiful villages dotted the landscape in the distance. Brilliantly outfitted soldiers rode by while fireworks blazed.

It was all fake news. The “villages” were paintings erected on faraway wooden platforms. Behind them were hovels and misery.

All in all, Grigory’s big show was a massive con. And thus arose the legend of the “Potemkin Village.”

As one definition puts it, “any deceptive or false construct, conjured often by cruel regimes, to deceive both those within the land and those peering in from outside.”

The image of the cardboard village comes to mind as a major network leads the evening news with, “Thanks to the Delta Variant, Pandemic-Related Anxiety Is Back.”

Get the message? “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been pushing her fear campaign ever since she declared a year ago that the Covid strain from Wuhan was really the “Trump Virus.” In January, she built her stockade around the Capitol, although the nation’s capital was virtually empty.

From her mask mandates and her mandatory vaccination campaign to her current rerun of “The Secrets of January 6th” routine, Pelosi has fed the media with plenty of material designed to stir fear and to distract our attention from the very real disasters she has been pushing through the House of Representatives.

And there are plenty of them.

Long ago, Pelosi’s family in Baltimore introduced her to the discipline of their Mafia pals. She has used that experience to keep her House Democrat caucus in line to pass radical legislation that’s designed to make her party’s dominant power permanent.

H.R. 1, the “For the People” Act, makes the Democrats the only “people” that count, and puts them in charge of every election at every level nationwide. H.R. 5, the “Equality Act,” shoves gender ideology down the throat of every family, neighborhood, school, and enterprise in America. Threats of mandatory masks, vaccinations, and purges of “white supremacy” abound.

Behind it all, Pelosi is masterminding nothing less than a brutal gang-rape of everything that is good about America.

Will Nancy Let This Crisis Go To Waste?

Democrats are pushing the “crisis” narrative these days, and that invites a trip down Memory Lane.

Remember Watergate?

We bear in mind that as Speaker, Pelosi is second, after Kamala Harris, in the line of presidential succession. We wonder, what would happen if Joe and “Dr. Jill” went back to Delaware early, resigning like Richard Nixon did in August 1974?

What would happen if Kamala Harris suffered the unhappy fate of Vice-President Spiro Agnew?

Would Nancy Pelosi shrink from the challenge?

We recall that, when the Left went after President Nixon fifty years ago, they had to get rid of Agnew first. Since Agnew came from the same corrupt Baltimore that brought us Nancy Pelosi, the necessary dirt wasn’t hard to find.

After Agnew resigned in October 1973, House Speaker Carl Albert (D., Okla.) was next in the line of presidential succession for two months, until Gerald Ford became vice-president in December.

“I pray for Richard Nixon every day,” Albert told a reporter at the time. Clearly he wasn’t interested in being president.

Is Nancy Pelosi, that “faithful Catholic,” praying for Joe and Kamala every day?

Well, in the meantime, Pelosi is relying on Biden and Harris to play their part in painting the flimsy façade of normalcy. The Washington Post gushes over Joe’s insatiable appetite for ice cream and Harris’ celebrated passion for knitting.

But they never leave fear very far behind. The virtues of masks, vaccinations, and the endless wars against racism and global warming are now the credo of the power cult. It’s all fear, all the time.

Pulling Back The Curtain

Pelosi’s part in the soap opera is designed to distract us from a real disaster: trillion-dollar spending bills, ballooning inflation, unprecedented savagery to the unborn, a million new illegal aliens secretly transported to unwilling communities throughout the country, a historic surge in crime, and a collapse of the United States in the face of the Communist Chinese lust for hegemony.

So the fear must be stoked. But Pelosi is also aware that, as Republican Senate Majority Leader Howard used to say: “That door swings both ways.”

The Speaker has done everything she can to keep her version of “January 6” alive, but reality seems increasingly to be getting in the way.

Her current effort, the “truth commission,” stumbled when two Republican members threatened to focus on some “forbidden questions.” When Pelosi simply kicked them off the commission, the rest of the Republicans withdrew to form their own investigative committee.

While Pelosi’s move guarantees a 100 percent anti-Trump bias among the group that remains (every member of the commission has voted to impeach Trump in the past), those forbidden questions are now going to take center stage on the other side of the aisle.

Republicans don’t deny the collapse of security on January 6, and they praise the actions of the police who tried to defend the Capitol.

But they also want to know whether it’s Pelosi herself who bears the responsibility for that chaotic collapse of Capitol security.

On January 7, the House and Senate Sergeants-at-Arms and the Capitol Police Chief all resigned. Two weeks later, the new Chief admitted to Congress that the Department had “failed adequately to act on intelligence” received days before the incursion.

Those are fighting words, of course, because Pelosi was firmly in charge.
She won’t allow her commission to discuss the question, but the Republicans are sure to. And that prospect poses a serious threat.

Consider: Washington’s Pelosi-friendly media realize they can no longer bury the story. For the past week they’ve run countless stories seeking to place the blame for that fiasco on someone else — anybody else. And that means they’re desperate.

But wait, there’s more. Another Pelosi problem has emerged regarding the death of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed 110-pound demonstrator who was the only person killed at the Capitol that day.

The Democrats had formally kept secret the shooter’s name, but everyone knows it. He is a member of Pelosi’s personal security team, and a careless one at that. He had earlier left his loaded Glock pistol in a public men’s room in the Capitol; why was he never disciplined for that gross negligence?

We don’t know. Some critics allege that his absolution was due to his minority status, but others shrug and say, “Look, Pelosi runs the show. Period.”

For how long? Only time will tell.

Let’s Get Serious

One wonders, given their continued manipulation of the record, just how serious are the Democrats on the issue of terrorism?

We recall that on March 1, 1954, four armed Puerto Rican nationalists entered the House gallery in the Capitol and shot five Members of Congress. The four were convicted and sent to federal prison. They served their time until Democrat Jimmy Carter granted them clemency in 1979.

On November 7, 1983, Susan Rosenberg planted a bomb outside the GOP Senate cloakroom. She was convicted and sent to federal prison. Democrat Bill Clinton pardoned her in January 2001, and she now raises money for Black Lives Matter.

Are these people serious? Are Democrats really interested in justice at all?

In the last six months, the Biden Administration has fomented the decline of the FBI and the Department of Justice, as they borrow from the methods of Stasi, the Cheka, and the Brownshirts of the last century. Their zealous pursuit of Trump supporters bears an unfortunate resemblance to the “courts” that Stalin put together to punish his closest allies in the 1930s.

Many of us remember how the Soviets convicted Cardinal Mindszenty in his show trial 72 years ago. Is that what America’s Left has in mind for us?

By Christopher Manion

Since January 20th, 2021, illegal border crossings have increased 1000%