White Coat Summit – 1 Year Later

A lot of people have a lot to say about a lot of things they know nothing about.

Do not be one of them. Do your own research. Keep in mind the following when listening to/visiting the major news/social media outlets and note what they report or censor: 1. Follow the money, 2. Note who increases in power, 3. Note the progress towards their agenda, 4. Read the platforms of those whom they praise most highly, 5. Read the platforms of those whom they most revile.

Make seeking the truth, and becoming knowledgeable about all sides of an issue, a crucial aspect of your life. Ignorance is not bliss. Instead, it leads to enslavement. Plus, ignorance breeds ignorance. Don’t “pass it along” until you have confirmed for yourself that what you are going to pass along is actually 100% true and 100% the whole truth. Your very way of life is at stake.

A future post will be about the consequences of doing nothing to stem the onslaught of Communism/Socialism dictates and policies, Agenda 21, The New World Order, etc., and the financial and freedom repercussions of doing nothing. Hint: It is worse than you have ever been told…..IF you’ve ever been told anything about them.