The West is firmly in the grip, not of a virus, but of delusional madness

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Children’s risk of death from COVID-19 is so extremely low that it is insignificant. It is dwarfed by the risk of death from the flu and accidental injuries. That is the case even without mandates, mask wearing, distancing, or lockdowns

Children are not susceptible to COVID-19 in the same way as adults, in part, because they have significantly lower numbers of ACE-2 receptors in their nasal passages. These receptors are used by the virus to initiate an infection

It is not possible to devise an effective vaccine for the the virus that causes COVID-19. Coronaviruses mutate widely so, because of that, it is impossible to come up with a vaccination protocol that would stop its spread.  Every bona fide virologist knows this, but the average person remains ignorant because the information is actively suppressed

The potential harm from the COVID-19 jab to children, and adults under 70 years old, who are healthy, do not have any serious disease and are not obese far outweighs any benefit

The shots violate all 10 tenets of the Nuremberg Code, so doctors pushing the jab could be prosecuted one day for adverse effects

There is a lack of understanding about how the shot works, such as which cells, precisely, are being transfected with genetic information, how much protein is made, where that protein goes and how long it lasts because it has only been about a year since the creation of these mRNA jabs. Most vaccines average 10 years from the beginning of research and testing to when they receive FDA approval. The “Small Pox” vaccine took 30 years

The lipid nanoparticles that surround the mRNA technology in the shots have been known to cause inflammatory damage to ovaries and testes since at least 2012. Because hormones affect every single organ and bodily system, the damage not only harms fertility, but affects all aspects of your health. Why risk your and your children’s fertility?

Lipids do cross into the placenta. It is not known how a fetus will deal with spike proteins once the lipid-coated mRNA reaches` him or her. 

A massive IQ drop in children born after January 2020 — from an average IQ of 100, to one of 78 — is linked to a lack of stimulus, a drop in social interactions, the inability to play and the inability to go outside. Also, not seeing full faces (because of masks) hinders the healthy development of the minds of babies’ and children

 The purpose of these mandates is to train children, through forced compliance, to obey irrational demands from “The State” without question. Children have grown so used to and so comfortable with following rules and dictates such as hiding their faces and staying socially distant that, psychologically, they do not interact or communicate with each other, anymore. They are like trained dogs, at this point. This is how totalitarian, communist leaders indoctrinate and control “The Masses”

Vaccine and mask mandates are, in part, an attempt to keep you distracted so that you do not discover that there are effective, safe, and available outpatient treatments for all variants of the Wuhan virus. If the FDA acknowledged that treatments such as Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, or N-Acetyl Cysteine do work, that would shoot down the validity of giving the “vaccine” emergency use authorization (EUA) 

You will not win the anti-mandates battle by simply disseminating information because you are not fighting an informational enemy. You need to fight it with force through actions. You need to gather together other parents and make your voices heard in a powerful way at your local schools/school board meetings. You need to demand, but not argue, that the mask and vaccine mandates stop, now. If you are not successful, you need to pull your children out of school, immediately. Arrange with other parents to pull your kids out at the same time. There is power and strength in numbers. Then, get together as a group with a legal expert and draft a document wherein you ask the school to accept liability for any harm that the COVID-19 shot might inflict on your child. In previous cases, schools have backed off after being confronted this way. Ideally, all Americans should yank their kids from these tyrannical schools, right now, because that would bring the COVID madness to an abrupt end since the amount of Federal dollars a school receives is based on attendance. Do not just seek medical or religious exemptions because they usually provide a reprieve of only a few weeks – eventually, they are going to come for your children.  Oppose the tyranny of mask, vaccine, and other unscientific mandates, now.

It is not about saving lives. They really don’t care whether you live or die. It is all about achieving their agenda regardless of the cost to you.