There is no hope if everyone stays scared and compliant:

Click HERE to watch a video that portrays the world’s people as cowardly and compliant even when stupid, harmful and abusive mandates are demanded of them. It is pathetic. Fearful people are easy to control. Stop being afraid! Refuse to comply. Gather like-minded persons together and refuse to comply as a group. If you are under 70 years old, basically healthy and not obese, your chance of recovering from COVID-19 – without medical intervention – is over 99.9%. Don’t believe the lies that say otherwise!!! Only 3% of the residents of these United States of America actually fought in the Revolutionary War. Is there even 3% now who will not bow down and worship their government, law enforcement and corporations??? Are you thinking that you will gain security by sacrificing your freedoms? After your freedoms are gone, there is nothing stopping tyrants from taking your security away, also. Anyone who would seek to dehumanize, degrade and oppress you is not above lying to you. Freedoms that are lost are rarely recovered…..just ask those in Australia, China or Venezuela.


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It’s happened before: Gov’t launched dangerous mass immunization program during 1976 swine flu ‘pandemic’

Forty-five years ago, an unsuspecting American public was snookered into taking a rushed-through injection while big government covered up the risks.

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