Their theories are designed to scare the people to believe there is a crisis when there is no crisis. THERE IS NO CRISIS” ~ bRIAN sUSSMAN

Be sure to read every word. They describe what the rich globalists, Democrat politicians and the devil have planned for us serfs.

Biden voters – Happy now? You have blood on your hands. Every civilian killed, every soldier killed, every pre-born baby killed due to the policies, incompetence or evil, vile actions of Biden and his minions is on YOUR HANDS, TOO. Unfortunately, you will suffer along with those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear. You are of no more value than those who didn’t vote for Biden, because you are now a “useless idiot”. Ignorance is purposeful and unnecessary, so there will be no excuse good enough to justify your support of Biden or any Democrat all of whom will do what ever is necessary to get what they want…..and what they want now is your children as willing and eager slaves…..and the government, aka public, schools are succeeding beautifully in helping them to achieve their goals. To the evil ones, the ends ALWAYS justifies the means. Repent – Beg for our forgiveness – Then work against what you used to support.

The 10 Commandments are NOT The 10 suggestions. One personal sin affects society as a whole. No man is an island – sin reverberates – remember this every time you lie, steal, cheat, etc.

God have mercy on these United States.

The American Experiment – betrayed.