America’s Frontline Doctors

President Biden’s speech changes nothing.

…none of the facts…

…none of the problems…

…none of the lies.

Let me explain.

Today the facts remain the same: SARS-CoV-2 poses virtually no mortality risk to people up to 70 years old. For those beyond 70, survival approaches 95%, and with early treatment is nearly 100% survivable.

Today the problems with the “vaccines” remain the same: none have been studied for long-term effects, and the short-term toxicity is alarming. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), run by the CDC, shows over 15,000 deaths following COVID vaccines.

Today lies about vaccines remain the same: The CDC lied when it said: “If you get the shot, you are protected from COVID. If you get the booster, you are protected from COVID.” Finally, CDC Director Walensky had to admit this was false because the shots are completely worthless against Delta and (ironically due to the shots!) Delta is all there is now.

One of the biggest lies is that people with natural immunity need the shot. This lie is dangerous. If you are COVID-recovered and take the shot, you are not only not getting any benefit, but you are at HIGHER risk of a serious adverse event including death. Protecting the COVID-recovered is the basis for two of our lawsuits.

If you are being coerced to have the vaccine by your employer, do not quit your job in protest. And do not resign if your employer pressures you to resign. Keep showing up and doing your work.

By forcing your employer to fire you, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits, and your employer must pay the costs for this. Companies that choose to force vaccination upon their employees as a condition to maintain their job must be made to feel the financial pain associated with their choices.

Bottom line: In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never give in!”

Think about it…..

In the last 18+ months, the government has taken away certain rights and freedoms….Then, in act of supposed goodwill, they give them back, but not as rights or freedoms, but as privileges available to the “obedient”.

If the government feels justified in injecting you with an experimental biological agent that utilizes gene therapy and you willingly, even eagerly, agree to it, exactly where are you going to draw the line in regards to what you will let them do to you? It is up to you because there is no line the government will not cross if it is in their best interest. To them, what is best for you is inconsequential.

SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the virus. Covid-19 is the name of a set of symptoms associated with the virus. It is incorrect to refer to the virus as “Covid-19”.

If you can breathe through your mask, then a virus that is 1/1000th the size of a human hair can definitely pass through it both ways. Prior to 2020, every study conducted by the CDC concluded that masks, lockdowns and distancing do not slow the spread of viruses, and do not prevent infection or transmission.

Being misinformed is curable. Just believe the opposite of everything the current regime, social media oligarchs, mainstream media, billionaire elites, and any pro-mask politicians and corporations say.

In the Fall of 2019, specially selected politicians, billionaire elites, corporate leaders and military officers participated in a “pandemic preparedness” conference…..


The only way to carry out the massive amount of fraud necessary for Biden to “win” was to:

  • emphasize mail-in voting
  • not strengthen voting integrity
  • have the cooperation of the social media oligarchs, the mainstream media, corporations, and politicians who share his ideology, in spreading lies and fear, and suppressing all persons and information that contradicted their prescribed narrative.

The “pandemic” conveniently provided the excuse for fulfilling all the requirements. The timing was too perfect to be coincidental… was planned.

Asymptomatic persons do not spread viruses.

If you are under 70 years old, have no serious health issues like COPD or cancer, and are not obese, then you have over a 99.9% chance of recovering from SARS-CoV-2 without medical intervention.

The genocide of the Jewish people by Hitler and his men started with mandates issued under the guise of “It’s for your safety”.

Consider your recent response to the mandates…..

  • Fearful people are easier to control.
  • Those who conform are easier to manage.
  • Freedoms stolen are rarely returned.
  • discrimination starts by the dehumanization of a defined group of people…..will you act like a bigot towards unvaccinated persons?

There are only two classes of persons in “The New World Order”: the wealthy elites who control our lives and the dependent-on-the-government poor. In which class will the government assign you? Hint* 99% of all persons will not be in the class of elites.

Government officials seizing control and abusing their power was the battery; but, your refusal to fight back and demand the WHOLE truth is what started the clock ticking.
Time can never be recovered