Where will you draw the line? On which hill will you die?

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Dave Cullen – Computing Forever

COVID-19 Is the New Global Warming

…..astonishingly, it is those oh, so tolerant Progressives who favor the draconian government vaccine and mask mandates, while the supposedly anti–civil rights conservatives come down unequivocally on the side of individual freedom and “my body, my choice.”  That’s a contradiction that no Progressive even tries to reconcile.

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The wealthy and powerful have no desire to listen to the average person because they feel that there is nothing the ordinary person can say that has any value. The elitists honestly think that we are inferior and are not worthy to make decisions about our own lives – They alone are capable of ruling the world; therefore, we must be controlled more like cattle than humans:

  • Cattle are kept penned in (Us – stay at home for 14 days which turned into 18 months);
  • Cattle are tagged for identification (Us – [soon to be] mandatory vaccine passports for participation in society);
  • Cattle are vaccinated per their owner’s desire (Us – threatened with loss of job, expulsion from society, banishment from “mixed” gatherings even in one’s home, inability to enter entertainment venues and disqualification for in-person learning, if vaccination is refused [unlimited boosters that will inevitably come and will require the same decision of yes or no]. Perhaps forced injections);
  • Cattle are trained to fulfill their owner’s wishes (Us – government decides what children will learn, not parents, so no opting out of graphic sex-education or gender studies. Normalization of racial bigotry through CRT classes. Indoctrination into the value system of the State not of the parents. Children are the property of the State and can be taken away from the parents at the government’s discretion.
  • Cattle herds are thinned through slaughtering when their owner believes their numbers are too great (Us – reproductive decisions are done by the State which will include sterilization, implantation of contraception, the forcing of an abortion, or euthanasia, if the government deems it to be in the “best interest” of the person and/or society. No parental notification if the person is a child.)

The above practices are already in effect in some countries and are being implemented in the U.S. now because there is no pushback.